The Truth

August 14, 2016

This weekend, my life changed. This weekend, I realized the true value of living a life devoted to travel. It is not only about following one's bliss, which is indeed noble; it is about breaking down walls, by which we can love more fully and build peace. I'm not talking about vacations, but about a life driven by a desire to seek the truth, and the truth does not come from the news, from the books our schools gave us through which we learned a biased history, or from our social media feeds. The truth is in the heart of those we fear, those we have not met, those we do not understand. The truth is in our sameness, our bodies and hearts holding the same needs and limitations, in the patterns throughout our histories - waves of conflict and war, passion and curiosity, a need to discover and connect, a need to break free. This weekend, I got closer to the truth, as I understand it now. I broke down a wall. My heart is full and I am changed. This is the best I can describe my experience: a deconstruction, an opening filled with laughter, love, and tears.

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  1. I think this is also true for people who aren't traveling, as I'm having a remarkably similar realization in my life. We are all connected in profound ways, sharing this little planet, each of us doing our best with what we have. I'd love to hear more about what happened to you this weekend. Xoxoxo <3

  2. This is very beautifully written. I have always felt that the truth is something elusive, something out there, something in the unknown, in the other. Follow your bliss. It's inspiring.

  3. Thank you! I totally agree - I have trouble allowing myself to follow that principle and focus on doing what makes me happy, but it's so important and I believe it truly does lead to insight. I hope you're following your own bliss, Chris! Anne Marie, yes, there are so many ways to find this kind of connection. I'm really trying to open my heart and find it more in my daily life.


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