Yufuin, Japan

December 16, 2015

Yufuin is a charming onsen resort town full of small, local shops, cafes, and galleries. It rests peacefully beneath gorgeous Mount Yufu. To my dismay, we arrived in Yufuin late in the day (around 5pm) after our leisurely jaunt in Kurokawa. Most establishments were closed or closing. I managed to purchase some locally gathered, sun-dried charcoal with which to filter water at home; I was not, however, able to purchase a bottle of whiskey for my fella. We ate junk food (tacoyaki smothered in way too much mayo and some satisfying octopus croquettes with cold beers) and wandered the town. Our stroll ended, as intended, at Lake Kinrinko, where we watched the sun setting. It was serene, as long as one ignored the gargantuan Italian restaurant towering over the other end of the lake. Yufuin is a place I would love to return to for a few months, to press reset and work on something creative. Maybe someday. Love you, as always, Japan.

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