Kurokawa, Japan // July, 2015.

December 06, 2015

The shamefully belated photos above were taken in Kurokawa, a cozy hot spring resort town, during my trip to Japan with friends this past July. We took a day trip to Kurokawa and bought a pass that allowed us entry into three hot spring resorts of our choosing. Even though it was scorching that day, the hot springs were still sublime. The first two resorts we entered were empty, except for us. I imagine they're even better in the dead of winter, but much more crowded. At first, I wondered if getting naked with two relatively new friends - one of whom I had met only two days prior - would be uncomfortable, but I actually didn't mind. In fact, the more I participate in nude spa culture, the more accepting of my body I become. We left Kurokawa with softened skin and refreshed spirits. Go to Kurokawa. Slow down. Treat yourself.

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