Rainy hike in Namhae

July 09, 2015

It's rainy season, so I thought it about time to share some photos taken on a rainy day in Namhae with my coworkers back in May. It was just before Buddha's Birthday. We stopped at Mangun Temple - beautifully decorated for the upcoming holiday - before making a somewhat ill-advised, wet mountain hike to the top of Mt. Mangun. We summited the mountain and shared refreshments, crouched low to the ground under the cover of some trees. Above is a rarely seen (on this blog) photo of me with my coworker and advisor in all work-related matters. He treated my fellow native English teacher and me to a beautiful day. We enjoyed the scenery of Namhae, talked extensively about garlic, and devoured a delicious meal from a small, seaside restaurant.

Love you, beautiful Korea!

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