After the rain.

May 05, 2015

Yesterday was Children's Day in Korea, and we were lucky to get a four-day weekend. We had intended to go to Seoul, but decided to lay low instead. A few days ago, it rained. After collecting two bottles of rainwater for my indoor plants, I stepped outside to take some photos of all the pretty green things outside our apartment building. I've been shooting more on my digital camera lately, since it makes food and travel photography so much easier. I love film and it feels more authentic to me. But film is also limiting and I've missed many opportunities to capture important moments due to less than ideal lighting situations. So, I've added DSLR practice to my spring projects list, along with roasting my own coffee, my indoor herb garden, and studying Korean. Other ideas kicking around in my head: homemade apple cider vinegar, pickled eggplant, and an amazing dish - tofu steamed in a yuja (유자) fruit - that David Chang ate on an episode of Mind of a Chef. Yuja is harvested in winter, so I've got many months to dream about that dish. 

May has arrived, which means that 매실 (maesil) season is nearly here. Maesil (prunus mume) are called ume in Japanese and in English we often use the common name Japanese Apricots. In Korea, the fruit is used to make a concentrated syrup; the syrup is combined with hot water to make a tasty, traditional tea. In Japan, it's turned into liquor - read the whole post and learn about making Ume Honey Sour, which reminds me of a shrub or switchel and it sounds absolutely fabulous. Now to get my friend Mary to help me find some maesil to pick!

On an unrelated note, I came across a video the other day that left an impression on me. If you've got some time and an interest in urban farming, check out this rockin' homestead in Oakland, CA. When I think of settling somewhere in the future - in, I don't know, 10-15 years? - I fantasize about living like this.

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  1. You weren't kidding about the green! Really happy to see you venturing into the land of digital to capture more moments like these.

  2. Thanks! I enjoyed taking these photos. I've been fearing digital for too long...


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