December 02, 2014

I'll be honest. I've written and rewritten this post so many times, and I give up. I suppose I need to work on my travel writing skills. Long story short, we visited good friends in Pittsburgh this summer and it was a fantastic trip. I could write a list of what we did and what I recommend, but I'll just say that the highlights were, for me: The Pittsburgh Glass Center (particularly the exhibited work of Vanessa German, who utterly astounded me); delicious dinner and drinks at Curegood conversation with our friends on the porch of their turn of the century home; and The Cathedral of Learning. I could have explored the Nationality Classrooms all day. Pittsburgh is a charming and eclectic city with working class roots, Midwestern sensibilities, and a thriving arts scene. I can't wait to see what projects continue to pop up there. Miss you, Pittsburgh. Let's meet again soon.

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  1. Fantastic usage of sunshine and shadows to capture the moments before sunset and the sun poking out on a cloudy day. Quite a few have great lens flare, and the reflections are well done throughout.


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