Happy holidays from D.C.!

December 29, 2014

One of my goals for 2015 is to blog more regularly. Thank you to those followers who haven't given up on me yet! Forgive me as I present a few posts of severely overdue content and clear the way for a new year.

Above are some photos from our summer trip to Washington D.C. This is the first of two posts and I chose mostly photos from the Adams/Morgan neighborhood, where we stayed. I must highly recommend Adam's Inn, a neighborhood B&B with the best continental breakfast of my life. Jams and nutella served in glass dishes, dairy-free milks and dried figs for cereal, cloth napkins. It was gorgeous and it felt somewhat European, perhaps because our dining companions were a European couple who didn't talk to anyone. The staff were kind and talkative. The man who checked us in noticed my fella's adopted Korean manners when handing over his credit card and sparked a conversation about travel. We talked with him about our experience living abroad and learned that he has a black belt in martial arts and a goal to visit all 50 American states (he's pretty close). We loved this place.

A few other recommendations for this area of D.C.:
-Fried catfish and macaroni & cheese at Oohh's & Aahh's. Don't ask for suggestions, just get the catfish and that gooey mountain of cheese.
-Keren Restaurant.
-House barrel-aged cocktails at Rebellion.
-Columbia Station jazz.

In the next post: photos of monuments and the more predictable D.C. stuff.

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  1. Those Frenchies weren't talking to anyone! Just eating sixteen servings of bread and butter.


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