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June 29, 2014

Lately, Sundays are my favorite days. I look forward to my trip to the farmer's market to see what's come into season; this week it was raspberries and sour cherries. Then it's back home to muddle the berries with sugar for a shrub, prepare lunch, flip through my cookbooks, make pesto, and do all the little projects I haven't had time to do during the week. How delightful it is to have the time to notice small details - like how broccoli and kale suddenly pop with color when you blanch them - and to finally make that pot of stock with the food scraps leftover from a week of hurried cooking. The most wonderful thing about Sundays is that they are mine and only mine. No obligations. No work. Just time alone to do what I please. And that usually involves my greatest love, food.

How do you rejuvenate at the end of a long week?

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  1. i mostly try to make myself a good meal =)
    nothing comforts one as much as good old sumptuous food!

  2. Thanks, Sam! Jun - my Sundays almost always involve food! :)


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