a fine winter day.

April 28, 2014

Shortly before we left Korea, I made fast friends with a few lovely folks whom I miss deeply and think about often. One day, my friend Eric (above) took me and our mutual acquaintance to a local potter's shop where we tried our hand at pottery (I am not gifted in this art), talked about health and the seasons - typical, delightful conversation amongst adults in Korea - and gorged on sweet potatoes roasted bare on top of a wood-burning stove and sticky sesame buns, a local regional treat. The potter begged me to eat the buns with my hands, relishing the child-like joy of it, before his wife arrived with plates and forks which sat unused on the table. These are the moments I miss when I recall our time in Korea - sitting around a table, eating simple food made with love and shared with unending generosity, and talking about life and living well.

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