dear tokyo.

February 21, 2014

Hi, all. As I browsed some photos from 2013, I realized that I still have two sets to share from our trip to Japan last September! The shots above were taken in Tokyo, primarily in ShinjukuHarajuku, and Ryogoku - where a large sumo arena is located. We discovered during our visit that this arena was hosting a week-long sumo wrestling tournament and decided to attend. Unfortunately, the low light in the arena prevented photos. The tournament was fascinating and sumo wrestling was not the sport we imagined. It was highly ceremonial and comprised more of posturing and cleansing activities than wrestling itself. My friend Miki commented later that day that despite being Japanese, she has never attended a sumo match. She described it as more of a televised sport for most Japanese people.

Above you will also note that famous crosswalk in Shinjuku, popularized by the hauntingly lovely film, Lost in Translation. The fella and I attempted to have drinks in the top floor bar of the Park Hyatt Tokyo (the film's primary setting), but a certain somebody in shorts didn't satisfy the dress code. Oh well. We enjoyed a $16 beer each several floors below.

Dear Tokyo: love you, miss you, wish we'd had more time with you.

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  1. Wonderful shots! Tokyo looks like a beautiful, interesting city. I am baffled by that last one; you must have been under a mirrored canopy of some sort?

  2. The last shot is of a building at a major intersection. Just inventive architecture!


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