Asakusa, Tokyo

January 08, 2014

Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan, Sept. 2013
Pentax K1000, Kodak Portra 400 Film

Certainly the most tragic result of our moving back to Chicago (in 9 days!) is that we won't be able to travel around Asia with ease. Our job didn't offer much vacation time, but last year we did enjoy a week in Thailand and a 5-day excursion to Japan!

In Japan, we divided our time between Tokyo and Kamakura (ps, five days is not long enough!). We stayed in Asakusa, since it has plenty of nice, affordable lodging. At the advice of a friend, we booked two nights at Nui. Hostel, which I highly recommend. It is impeccably clean and the bar lounge is a pleasant place to mingle with other internationals. 

Asakusa is a charming, historic neighborhood with plenty to see and do. There is a small ramen shop between Sensoji Temple and the Nakamise shopping district which I highly recommend. It was surprisingly easy to find with help from our hostel managers. Everyone in Tokyo seems to have tourist maps - a dramatic change from Korea, where calling and asking for verbal directions is preferred over maps.

Please excuse me while I reminisce. Visions of ramen and tree-lined streets occupy my mind...

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  1. These shots perfectly capture what a great part of an amazing city Asakusa was. A wonderful mix of traditional and modern with some flat out marvelous food and damn fine beer to boot!


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