August 26, 2013

Established in 2012, Geoje International FC (GIFC) is an amateur football club based on Geoje Island, South Korea. Recently, the team competed in the MANNAM Victory Cup tournament held at Eulsukdo (을숙도) in Busan. I don't usually shoot sporting events, so this was a fun challenge. Above are my favorites; check out my Flickr for the whole set.

Small note: had some dilemmas with the size of the watermarks on these, but I decided not to stress over it. Sometimes, you have to let go of perfection.

For more information about GIFC, you can visit their blog.

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  1. Awesome photos Mallory! I need to get myself down to a game sometime. What was the score at the end of the game?

    - Lily La

  2. Thanks Lily! This was a tournament in Busan, so there were three games. The Geoje team had two draws and one loss. They were a little bummed, but they played well!


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