summer on geojedo (거제도).

July 27, 2013

Living on Geoje Island can be difficult for city folks like us. At times, it seems as though we are surrounded by nothing but shipyards. But summer on the island is a little different. 

Recently, we took a mid-week trip to Gujora Beach before work. We splashed about in the water and relaxed on an empty stretch of sand, chatting and inhaling the salty air. We walked down highway 14 about a mile until we came to a bus stop. It was a fine walk and I stopped every few minutes to capture the pleasantly non-industrial scenes: European-inspired timeshares, kimchi pots resting in neat rows in the sun, the verdant greens of Hallyeohaesang National Park. We caught the city bus #22 back to Okpo.

On Geoje, you can enjoy calm, minimally populated beaches (particularly if you go before 10am). Grill out with friends and neighbors on a rooftop patio. Camp on the sand and awake to the smell of the sea. Purchase a crisp lager from the mart around the corner, pull up a plastic chair, and enjoy your beer outside. The mart attendee will even open your bottle for you.

To get to Gujora (구조라) Beach, take intracity bus #22, #23, or #61. For those visiting from outside Geoje Island, it would be best to first take an intercity bus to Jangseungpo (장승포).

Photos: Kodak Portra 400/Pentax K1000

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  1. Nice to see the world through your eye with film again. While I remain a fan of your digital work, the grain and slightly muted colors of film really help set the mood.

  2. Thank you, sir! Portra film creates such rich colors. I've had the best luck with it when shooting blues and greens (like that gorgeous sea).

  3. the cat photo is my favorite :) and I agree with that grainy, muted color look.

  4. Thanks, Kel. Digital just can't beat film...


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