Candy (캔디) Vintage Shop.

July 28, 2013

As a pear-shaped American, I have a lot of trouble finding clothing in Korea. Okpo has a few resale shops, though they leave much to be desired. Today, I finally went to 캔디 (which Ryan had previously pointed out to me) and I came home with an amazing haul - a navy blue linen button down with a cinched back; a soft white dress shirt that admittedly needs to be bleached but no serious stains; a lightweight, hooded blazer; two breathable cardigans; and a few other goodies. This shop - unlike most clothing shops in Korea - had sizes that fit my body. Most of the items were 10,000 Won each, but I was able to talk the owner down to 5,000 Won on several of them. As I paid, she offered me a "service" (one free item). This shop also has a decent selection of shoes as well as luxury bags, if that's your thing (it's not mine).

On the sign:
캔디 (Candy)
빈티지 (vintage) 명품 (luxury) 가방 (bags)
일산/국산 구제 (Japanese/Korean vintage clothing)

Location: This shop is a few steps down the block from the side entrance of the GS Supermarket in Okpo.

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