seoul, part 2.

June 16, 2013

Another month, another forgotten blog entry. We've been so busy with weekend trips and gatherings, I hardly noticed that it's the middle of June. I haven't fully processed our trip to Seoul, but above are some remaining photos from our long weekend for Buddha's Birthday in May.

Trip highlights: lots of craft beer; a visit with a friend who's been away since spring; a cheap love motel (could've used a sink); live jazz; wandering the grounds of the historic (gothic) Joong Ang High School - an important landmark in Korea's resistance against Japan in the early 20th century - and our first Korean baseball game.

I won't detail the differences between Korean and American baseball, as this topic has been addressed by many bloggers before me. It was exciting and there was a heavy emphasis on crowd participation. I still cannot comprehend why Korean baseball and soccer teams have cheerleaders. But I do love the open seating, the fact that you can bring your own food and beer into the stadium, that each batter has his own cheer, and the general energy of the crowd.

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  1. I like the fact that the fans can actually get on the field and play catch before the game. Cool

  2. the pictures you have taken of the countryside have been beautiful but my heart is in the city. It looks so fun! and colorful! love the picture with all the lanterns...-Kelli

  3. Kelli - yes, we prefer the city. The country is good for visits, but we are urbanites. Pops - it was really strange. The fans and their kids were on the field for the whole warmup (at least 30 minutes!!).


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