Romantic Jinhae

April 11, 2013

My favorite thing about our trip to Jinhae was the undeniable arrival of spring.

In springtime around the world, out venture the fanciful young lovers holding hands and snapping photos with their sweeties. I couldn't resist; the fashionistas, the affectionate friends, the memories perfected against clouds of pink.

Should you be near Jinhae in early April, I recommend you arrive the day before the cherry blossom festival begins. Bring your camera and your lover. Hold hands, confess your desires for the year to come, and enjoy some roasted corn and ice cream along the embankment. Observe the beautiful people being beautiful. Inhale the sweet smell of the blossoms. And take photographs. Take many, many photographs.

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  1. I particularly like the shot from below the overpass looking through the blossoms up to the hill. Nice framing.

  2. Thanks, Crystal! It was such a beautiful, dreamy place...I've never seen so many cherry blossoms in my life! Dad - that's one of my favorite captures. :)


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