long view.

April 13, 2013

More from Jinhae, that dreamy naval town...am I boring you yet?

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  1. oh mallory how can this ever be boring?! you don't realise how i am enjoying all your posts about korea here. since it is one of my top countries to visit, i've been secretively taking down notes going through information on your blog.

    i think to actually finish seeing the whole of south korea by my pace it would take more than a few trips! hmm i need to plan well. really need to plan it well!

  2. Jun - thank you for your generous praise! It thrills me that you discovered my site and have been enjoying my photographs! I do the same thing. One of the joys of reading blogs written by people living abroad is seeing new and exciting places through creative eyes. We are planning to go to Thailand this summer, and it's overwhelming attempting to create a travel plan. But it's also really fun and exciting! Please let me know what your plans for Korea are...maybe I can help or we can meet up!


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