oh, those cherry blossoms.

March 31, 2013

This weekend, we went to Jinhae with our managers and fellow teachers. April 1st marks the beginning of Jinhae's Cherry Blossom Festival. The festival may as well have started this weekend, given the crowd walking the street markets and stopping to take pictures along the boardwalk. Ladies put on their heels and spring jackets, grab their lovers, and plan elaborate portraits amongst the cherry blossom trees. I love the blossoms like I never have: the way they capture the colors that surround them, the way each blossom is delicate while the branches reach wildly in all directions. Often on this trip, I found Ryan trailing the group, waiting on me and my camera. (More photos to come.)

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  1. Those are spectacular photos Mal :). So yearning for Spring to get here in the States!

  2. Thanks, Em! It is definitely spring over here!


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