March 17, 2013

There is much to do in Nampodong. Between trips to the fish market, Ryan and I enjoyed walking about, eating street food, and people-watching. Korean fashion is bold and androgynous. When you visit the neighborhood, I suggest you find a warm and sunny second floor cafe with an open window seat; drink your Americano or your tea; and take in the market square runway. Visit the street food vendors early (between 10-11am) to avoid the Saturday queues. Eat the hotteok - it's divine.

Photos 1 & 2: My handsome companion, near the subway and the fish market.
Photos 3-7: The center of Nampodong, where they have the best street food. Enjoy the rice cakes, pancakes, waffles, hot dogs, mandu, and kimbab.
Photo 8: An adorable father and his adorable child.
Photos 9-10: ν˜Έλ–‘ (hotteok) - amazing, deep fried, sweet Korean pancakes. They're different depending on the region. In Busan, they stuff theirs with brown sugar, nuts, and seeds. Watching the women make these treats is almost as fun as eating them: flatten the dough, fill with goodies, throw into bubbling vat of oil, flip, press, flip, press, rotate, repeat. And you, the customer? Pay your 1,000 Won (90 cents) and eat!
Photos 11-13: Cafe Cappuccino, where you buy a drink, snag a booth, close your privacy curtain, snack on free biscuits, and watch TV.
Photo 14: An underground ad I liked. Koreans love their sweets.

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  1. These are wonderful! It's so fun to see your adventures.

  2. Thanks Crystal!! Busan is a great city. Thank you for keeping up with my journeys, and for your letter! I promise I'll write back soon. :)


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