Blue Backpackers Hostel, Busan

March 03, 2013

If you travel to Busan and seek a quiet guesthouse, might I recommend Blue Backpackers Hostel? They speak English, respond quickly with reservations, and will be as chatty or as unobtrusive as you wish. A clean and pleasant place to lay your head and plan your adventures in Seomyeon and beyond.

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  1. Looks lovely! Depending on where I end up, I very well may check it out.

    Also, beautiful photographs, as always. :)

    Miss you, Mal!

  2. Love what you were able to do with those clothespins in the roof pictures. They add great color to the shot of the tables, and the shadows in the shot by the door add beautifully to some already fantastic line work.

  3. okay, i've written it down on my notebook!
    and i really need to get my arse to korea this year.

    any other interesting happenings in busan?

  4. Jun - yes, but I'm not expert as this was our first trip! I'll be posting more photos from our trip but we really liked Nampodong in the morning (get in line for some hotteok) and Seomyeon at night. There are also hiking trails and temples that we have not yet explored.


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