august bday.

November 11, 2012

The Detroit Tigers took a hard loss in the World Series this year. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a great season. We swept the Yankees! Miggy got the Triple Crown! Many a victory to be celebrated. These photos are from the fella's birthday trip to Michigan in August. We went to a Tigers game, hung out by the pool, and spent time with the fam. There is always a time in the fall when I grow nostalgic for summer. I guess that time is here.

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  1. Great shots as usual. Love the one of Ryan with ? his step-dad, maybe? Also, the bar of sunlight on the floor is really cool. If I were more of a sportsfan, the stadium pictures would, I suppose, mean more to me. Good shots anyway. Where were the Christmas cactus pictures taken?

  2. Thanks! That is Ryan’s dad, Al. You’d like him, he’s very easy-going and silly. The cacti are at his dad's house. The sunlight streaming onto the carpet is at his mom’s house. I’m pretty happy with the park photos. I’ve not been very impressed with my previous sporting event photos...

  3. Yup, those stadium shots are really good. I went back and looked at them. Great composition and capture of the ballpark feel.

  4. Oh, Mallory, the curtain shot is gorgeous. I love it!


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