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October 14, 2012

I'm in recovery from a monstrous head cold - lots of decongestion/head ache. Yesterday morning, I awoke suddenly from a dream in which I had gathered with a large group of onlookers to await the falling of a meteor. The point of impact had been pre-determined and fitted with a large plate of a material capable of absorbing the meteor. We had been encouraged to approach the landing point and gaze below it from a nearby bridge; upon impact we would observe a sight reminiscent of the northern lights, yet more beautiful and more intense.  When the meteor hit, my ears began to ring, my nose bled, my entire head was crushed with sound. As you can imagine, I awoke with a mind-numbing headache. I've been experiencing fantastic dreams lately. I have much on my mind. The fella and I have been talking a lot lately about the adventures we plan to take. Having Facebook means seeing more and more friends of a certain age (ours) getting married and having kids. And while this makes sense for many, it doesn't for us. I have been so blessed to find a partner who shares my desire to travel the world, to challenge myself, to dare to live boldly. 

Needless to say, we are planning our escape and it is fast approaching. In the meantime, I have been feeling quite inspired by: - Rohan Anderson's blogMr. Anderson's a bit more opinionated than I choose to be about other people's lifestyle choices, but reading about his life has reminded me of some favorable ways one can live more simply, eat better, and savor life. There is a farm girl inside of me, I know it. - Chicago in Autumn. I work in the suburbs and we live very far north. Sometimes I forget that we live in the city. Yesterday afternoon, I went on a date with myself. It was rainy yet still slightly warm. I hopped on the Brown Line and took it to the Sedgwick stop where I walked to one of my new favorite shops: Greer. Like any boutique stationery shop, it's pricey; but this place has an incredible selection of greeting cards, handmade papers, and journals without the obnoxious, kitschy knickknacks I see in so many shops here. I bought a few delightful items, hopped back on the train, played this song on repeat, and felt genuinely privileged to be living my life (because I am, so very privileged). - My incredibly talented friends. Order a copy of this book now! Mine is on its way...

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  1. That is one crazy head cold dream! I'm glad you are feeling better.
    I, too, try to remember on a regular basis how fortunate I am to have been born where and when I was, and to whom.
    I'm so excited at the thought of your upcoming adventures, my brave young darlings! Keep me posted.

  2. Oh, and I love the photos, as usual. Your sense of light and composition has always been flawless.


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