Autumn To-Do List

September 06, 2012

1. run a mile each day.*
2. keep up with my five year diary.
3. create an art journal.** mainly involving markers and self-care lists, but loving it!
4. write more letters.
5. return to my 100 strangers project.***
6. go to 2 new farmer's markets.
7. go to the botanic garden.
8. organize my home office/desk.
9. organize my closet. donating 4-5 bags of clothing and i now have a minimal spring/summer collection, carefully packed away.
10. cook korean food.
11. bake my mother's cinnamon rolls****
12. finish this book and start reading this one.
13. go to a pumpkin patch.
14. go to an apple orchard.
15. host a dinner party.
16. create a storage system for my film negatives.
17. run along the lake shore.
18. go camping (again).
19. eat more salads.
20. get my bike a tune-up.
21. check out a drawing/illustration book from the library.
22. vote!

*I am learning from this man that lasting change starts with introducing small habits and building on them.
**I am loving Keri Smith and her body of work. One of her pieces, "100 Ideas," can be found in this post. Ps, here are some additional Keri Smith posts/ideas I enjoy: Connecting Two Incongruent ThingsMake Your Own Damn WorldRevolution.
***Inspired by this post.
****Mama: e-mail me the recipe, I lost it!

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  1. Will do, my darling.

  2. Oh, this is lovely. I'm saving your ideas in my Evernote! And if you're looking for more snail mail partners, I'd love to volunteer. :)

  3. Crystal, I would love that! Shoot me an email with your info: mallorydowd (at) gmail (dot) com.

  4. What is it that we love so much about a good list? Just started a 30-before-30 list myself. Very tempted to make an Autumn list myself after reading this!

  5. Lists are very satisfying to me because they organize all of my random thoughts and goals (duh) but also because it's great to be able to cross things off! I feel very accomplished! :)


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