Smokey's Southern Barbecue

July 31, 2012

If you happen to be a carnivore and find yourself in or near Chesterton, Indiana, you must go to Smokey's. Ryan and I stopped in on the way to our Indiana Dunes Lakeshore campsite in June. Go for the juicy, tender meats, inventive sauces, hearty sides - as our server informed us, "The only things we don't make are the buns and the Coke." - and the smell of fresh meat smokin' out back.

I don't claim to be an authority on regional American barbecue, but this was damn good.

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  1. Ryan looks dumbfounded by the goodness of it! It does look pretty yummy. Love the pig out front.

  2. I was swallowing some water at the time to create what is easily the most gumpy photo Mal's ever taken of me. That place was spectacular though.

  3. Yeah, Ryan did not want me to post that pic, but it's such a great capture of the aura & decor of that place! It is quite the feat to make you appear gumpy, so hats off to me! :)


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