Collection - Rocks from the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

June 11, 2012

Yes, this was the end of a roll. I forgot to rewind the film and opened the back of the camera, accidentally exposing the final shots. Ooops!

I actually really like this series of photos, exposure and all. These are the rocks I collected at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Whenever I am at the beach - after jumping into the chilly water - I must stop to admire the rocks littering the shoreline. And let me caution you, the dunes lakeshore is quite rocky. This time, I took some souvenirs home with me. I am completely in love with them. I have taken them out of their jar three times since we returned to inspect them, rub them, and admire their interesting textures, their wild colors and patterns, their crystals. I even took some to work with me, where they are serving as stress reduction aides (future post on this subject to come).

There are bits of sea glass and a few other ambiguous items mixed in there. Which are your favorites?

ps. I recommend clicking to enlarge these photos for closer examination.

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  1. Beautiful photos, light leaks and all. I have accidentally opened my camera with film inside quite a few times. My favorite is the red and white pebble in the lower right that looks like a jelly belly. :)

  2. Rockpicking is one of the great pleasures of beach-walking. I love these pictures; they make me long to be on Sturgeon Bay.

  3. Also, I really like the "scientific specimen" aspect of the photos, like you are displaying the finds of a recent dig!

  4. I agree! Indiana's lake shores don't compare to Michigan's...

  5. Thanks, Dottie! I always slap myself when I do it, but it does reveal the magic of shooting on film!

  6. Love these! The minimalism of the first it great. Awesome job!


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