Cleaning House

March 27, 2012

This is what I'm about to do. This is what I'm doing.

Lately, I spend so much time complaining and/or worrying about my job that I forget all the wonderful things going on in my life! I have a beautiful home that needs my love and attention. I have a beautiful man that needs my love and attention. I have my photography. I have my crafts, my library card, my body that needs exercise and rest. I have aspirations higher than this. It's time to stop complaining.

Thanks to Apartment Therapy and their wonderful home solutions, I've finally created a house cleaning schedule. I am constantly telling my young clients, "You need to get into a routine of cleaning every day." And yet, this is something that I myself so often fail to do. Last night, I created a daily cleaning schedule for my home with special emphasis on the kitchen, as this is the room that I occupy and use most often (aside from the bedroom, while sleeping). I created my schedule with help from this article, and this one as well. Despite my general pleasure in all things Apple, I do not often use iCal. However, iCal is my secret scheduling weapon. I can carry each cleaning task over every 30 days, edit as I go, and print a new schedule each month. Because I am nerdy and like to stay organized, I'm excited about cleaning. Isn't that strange?

Here is a list of additional to-do list items for the month of April:

  • Make and use DIY cleaning supplies.

  • Rosetta Stone Spanish (4 days per week, 30 min. per day)

  • Study for the Illinois LCSW exam (my co-worker and I made a weekly pact)

  • Gym 3 days per week  (no more extremes)

What's on your April To Do List?

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