5 rabbit.

March 11, 2012

Recently, Ryan and I attended an unveiling of 5 Rabbit's newest beer, Huitzi, at City Provisions in Ravenswood. City Provisions is a wonderful establishment I happened upon last fall while out walking with a friend. It is a deli, an espresso bar, a market, and a mini-bar all wrapped up in one small, unassuming space. Counters abound with pastrami and liver pate, local wines and coffee, and delicious baked goods, soups, and sandwiches etc etc - just go, now. Spend an afternoon with a magazine, a raw honey goat milk latte, and a mac&cheese square.

Ryan has been home-brewing for several months now, and I'll admit we're kind of into beer. But nothing excites me more these days than 5 Rabbit Brewery. Their beers are floral and complex, with spices and flavors that reflect a unique, cultural perspective. 5 Rabbit is the first Latin microbrewery in the U.S.! And they're opening a brewery...soon? I can't wait! I will live there. I first tasted their 5 Vulture dark ale at Revolution Brewing last year; it is infused with roasted ancho chiles, and it is a treat in itself. If you're in Chicago, get yourself some 5 Rabbit! Ryan completely geeked out talking with the brewers.

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  1. 5 Rabbit brewery sounds AMAZING! Dad & I can't wait to check it out when we come visit :).

  2. Yeah, Em. You'll love their fruity beers. Seriously good stuff.

  3. I live above city provisions!!!!!


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