September 26, 2011

These might not look like much, but they are more than I expected because what I expected was a whole lot of nothing. Ryan found what I later researched and learned to be a vintage Agfa Optima 1 for $8 at an antique mall during our vacation last month. We had no idea if anything would turn out, because we had no idea if the camera was operational. I had to test it and see. The only photos that weren't completely washed out and blurry are the ones posted above. I blame this on two things: lack of proper natural light (very much needed with this camera), and misuse of the focus dial. I used some expired Kodak Gold that I purchased from Salvation Army for just such an occasion. These photos may not please everyone, and they certainly don't highlight my best work. But I really like them, and they capture the spirit of our trip, which was lazy and warm and rather understated. And the vignetting on the right side of the final photo delights me. I'll take this baby out for another spin soon.

On a related note, I sent my last three rolls of film (including this one) to Sharp Photo in Wisconsin for developing. It was my first experience with mail-in processing and I shall never go back to one-hour labs again. Sharp charged a total of $19 to process and deliver three rolls of 35 mm film (Kodak Gold & Portra 400). I was pleased with the service and the return time (much less than a week).

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  1. I actually kind of like the blurry beer bottle photo. I really can't wait to see what you'll do on a bright sunny day with this bad boy now that we know it's functional!

  2. What a find! I can't wait to see more from this camera!

  3. I totally agree with Ryan! The pics were nice but in a sunny day I bet the colors would be even more spectacular :). Great shots though!

  4. Thanks, all! I am looking forward to it for sure!


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