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September 21, 2011

I've just been crazy busy. What with being engaged, and working like crazy, and getting a seasonal cold! Blech! I dedicate this heart-shaped plum to all those readers (I know most of you are family, it's okay) who continue to pop by even when I go silent for weeks. I'm expecting a delivery tomorrow - three rolls of film recently developed by a photo lab in Wisconsin. It's my first mail-in processing order! It was also my first time using Kodak's new Portra 400 film! I'm hoping for magic.

For the curious, we will not be wed until 2013. But until that time, you can feel free to enjoy my ever-expanding wedding board over at pinterest.

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  1. ahem... our Pinterest board... though I have pinned nothing yet

  2. i like the pinterest board! never seen it before... you should also check out offbeatbride.com there is lots of fun stuff...ideas and such. Like i saw the personalized beer mugs...amazing! I just recently went to a wedding with personalized coozies...awesome!

    I'm excited for you! hope you're doing well. are y'all coming to michigan for the holidays?
    love cousin kelli!

  3. The wedding board is such a cool idea! A 'Barn' wedding seems very charming. I love your selections :).

  4. Aww, thanks Kel! I will check out that site. We have not nailed down our holiday plans yet. Too many family members to see!

  5. well if you're interested in coming to the ypsi/ann arbor area let me know...also my brother lives right near detroit and i know a bunch a cool spots in corktown and hamtramck. Also, Adam has never been to Chicago. He is currently finishing his last semester at George Washington in DC and we would love to come visit when he gets home. I'd really like to spend more time with you cuz.

    love, kelli


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