Dear Chicago

July 19, 2011

Over the past year, I have talked some mad smack about you. But these days, as much as it may have once pained me to say it...I find I'm pretty sweet on you. As I write, I'm enjoying the Chicken Makhani from BBQ Tonight in Hoffman Estates. It is cheap, authentic, and totally worth the drive (although I happen to spend at least two workdays per week out this way). Ryan and I have definitely discovered a few gems in our new neighborhood, including an addicting Lebanese joint that offers fine dining and carry-out; a locally owned hardware store that made Ryan just about swoon; and a no-frills pub around the block.

Here are some of the things I am loving on this week:

this new magazine!

this crafty blog.

this amazing photo series.

these coasters.

sweet, sweet elixer.

"our apartment: brought to you by craigslist and the brown elephant." -ryan

I can't really show you photos of our place yet, since I have run out of film and we've still got decorating to do. Enjoy the following sneak preview. Our building ain't much to look at, but the unit itself is all charm!

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  1. I Love the hard wood floors and really dig the picture of the pans hanging! Looking forward to seeing the apartment when you're done decorating :). It's going to be amazing I can already tell.

  2. Thanks Em! We are slowly piecing it together. Lots of great thrift shops in the city - lots of great pieces to add to the puzzle. :) We are very pleased with our choice.

  3. I really like seeing things I gave you worked into your decorating. Pans and cheese box looking good! It looks like a great place; I'm excited about seeing it sometime soon.

  4. Aww. I like it too. Having those things reminds me of you. We would love for you to visit some time soon! Let's discuss.

  5. I absolutely LOVE those toast coasters at the link above, and I agree that the photo series is amazing!

  6. Yes, I love those coasters! I might buy them some time in the future.


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