June 06, 2011

How, you ask, do I know that it is summer?

1. Accidental and terrible sunburns. Damn you, pale Anglo skin!

2. BBQ with potato salad, baked beans, and cherry tomatoes stuffed with feta and herbs.

3. Slushies.

4. Lovely bouquets (and produce) from the local farmer's market.

Folks - forgive my nearly month-long absence! Somewhere in that time, my blog turned ONE! Yes, I missed my blogiversary. But hey - I decided that this would be a year of JOY, and I just haven't been feeling so joyful. I am taking steps to address this, and I'm hoping to return to regular posts again. I have good news to share with you, but I'll save that for an upcoming post. Thanks for being patient and for returning to this space. It's been too long...

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  1. Sunscreen, girlie. SPF 1005. Great food pictures; wish I had a plate of that! And those peonies are beautiful.

  2. Yeah...I was ill-prepared. I attended an outdoor event and did not realize how crispy I was getting. It always happens upon the entrance of summer! My neck burns!

  3. Hey Mal, Aloe Vera is really good for sunburns. A little goes a long way & will give you instant relief. The flowers are gorgeous! Slushies are the bomb :).


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