April 23, 2011

I can't speak for where you live, but here in the city, it's been terribly gloomy for weeks. I've been busy at work, of course, but I've also been stealing away moments here and there to read my books and my magazines - Ryan was a dear and got me a subscription to Cooks Illustrated, I can't wait for the first issue to come! - taking small steps toward organizing my art supplies - aka, buying a cute yet sturdy wicker basket and an old box in which to store watercolors - and trying my best to spend time with loved ones. Can you believe that I had not seen a flamingo until a recent trip to the zoo with my family? There are so many things I have yet to do...

On a side note, I'm going to buy a blender this weekend. For some reason, we've been without one for over a year. I want to try making smoothies in the morning, and though I've found a few recipes that intrigue me (like this, and this), I'm also very interested in green smoothies. I find myself saving cilantro stems and wishing we had a blender and some yogurt so that I could whip up something tasty and nutritious. Weeks later, Ryan will snatch random bags of greens from the crisper and shake his head at my silliness. No longer!

Finally - Ryan got some good news on the job front and let's just say that we are really looking forward to moving into a nicer place come July. I want in-unit laundry, dammit! Thanks for reading, friends - I'm off to enjoy some long-awaited sunshine!

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  1. Blenders are life changing - you will love it!

    Mallory, you take the most gorgeous film photos. Can you recommend a good, not too expensive, not instant film camera? Thank you!



  2. Hey Sarah,

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment! In addition to my SX-70 (which, as you know, is amazing), I primarily shoot on a Pentax K1000. It's pretty commonly referenced as a great beginner's film camera. You could likely find one in good condition for around $100, maybe less. I'm obsessed with the idea of getting a Yashica TL Electro, but I think the K1000 is a great, inexpensive camera!

  3. That parking garage still amazes me.

    And I wish I had some of that breakfast right about now.

    So do you think you want that tablecloth? It would go well with your dish collection.

  4. Hey Ma, I can't say for sure about the tablecloth. I think it might just be too bright for my taste (and definitely for Ryan's!).


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