April 04, 2011

I was reading this post yesterday and got inspired to whip out my remaining 600 film pack and put that baby to use - or, at least to snap one of ten photos on one very brightest of bright afternoons.

I tried to truly consider what it means to invest in oneself.

Work was really hard last week, and Saturday and Sunday just whizzed by. I had to go to court this morning (something I detest!), I have to catch up on a never-ending list of projects and deadlines, and I have to get back into my workout routine and tracking my foods on weight watchers, and stop by my doctor's office, and do my laundry, and there are never too many things to pack into one of my daily, weekly, or monthly to do lists!

But then again, I found a fantastic pair of spring boots for $25 (70% off) yesterday. This weekend, I tried on bridesmaid dresses and felt incredibly elegant. I had a very successful thrifting trip with my man, during which I obtained a precious wooden rooster print for our kitchen, an old wooden box in which to create a delightful wall hanging, a green and pink J Jill skirt over which I am swooning, and an amazing New York & Company halter dress that fits me (and that is a size 6, for goodness' sake!). I went bowling, I got to see my brother (always a treat), I re-watched Labyrinth, ate great pizza,  and dammit, I broke open that pack of Polaroid film and I took a picture of my feet!

Because I could.

My mother is planning to visit us this coming weekend, and I am thrilled.

What are you looking forward to this week?

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  1. Hopefully the Tigers getting their second win. Also, Labyrinth and pizza was amazing.... however... this post fails to mention the epic pork shoulder I cooked up. Just another great moment in a glorious weekend.

  2. This week I'm looking forward to trying a new recipe, attending several awesome free events around town, and quietly practicing yoga in my home. "Invest" is often a focus during my practice, and it's nice to see others contemplating what that really means. Still loving your blog! Thanks for sharing in a meaningful way.

  3. So true!!! The BBQ pulled pork was amazing, and so are the leftovers! Thanks, babe!

  4. Thanks, Kim. I appreciate your reading (and sharing!). I'm hoping that some day I will get into yoga. I've tried. Oh, how I've tried. I can very much see the value of incorporating the concept of "investing" into your practice.

    I hope you are having a bright, full spring week!

    PS, what's the recipe?

  5. Homemade margarita pizza! I am obsessed with Martini's, but obviously can't afford to eat it on a regular basis. Mmm the dough is rising right now.

  6. um, I LOVE Martini's pizza. Especially just simple garlic on top. I ate a good share of their pizza during my stint in Kzoo. I hope the homemade pie turned out!


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