dear mom.

April 18, 2011

Do you know that you are so very beautiful - inside and out?

That you are the greatest thrift shopper I know?

That your cheesecake is absolutely the best thing in the world, as are your lemon bars and your bed linens and your spinach salads.

That when you are sad, I'm sad, too, because you are one of the people who always knows what to say when I'm not well.

That you have a fantastic smile and a winning sense of humor.

That you have taught me how to learn and grow from my mistakes.

That your compassion and empathy know no bounds.

That you contribute fabulousness to the universe.

That nothing makes me feel more at home than fine linens and napkins, because they remind me of you.

I love you, mama.

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  1. *love* this. you are amazing, miss mallory, and it looks as though your mama is too!

  2. What a nice commentary about Jill. Very touching Mal! The pictures of her are lovely! I particularly like the one in which she and Alex are looking down at something. I also like the mist over the water.

  3. Thank you my dear sweet girl. This made me a good way. I love you so much and am so proud of the woman you have become.
    Horrid pictures of me, but that's not the photographer's fault. I guess I just have to accept that this is how I look!

  4. Oh, I love this! Aren't moms the best? : )



  5. They are not horrible. I love you, too!

  6. Thanks Julie! My mom IS amazing!

  7. I like that photo, too. It was SOOOO foggy that day. It looked really cool over the water and the skyline.

  8. Hey, did any of those shots of the sun on the window in the fog come out?


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