March 30, 2011

Can you believe it's almost April?? Where did March go, eh?

A bit of cool news ... This lovely lady was kind enough to include one of my polaroids in her new blog feature, My Favorite Photo. She's invited fellow bloggers to submit a favorite photo along with an accompanying story. I was instantly intrigued by this, as I always am when photographers share their personal, creative processes. I went back to one of my earlier polaroids, taken shortly before moving from Michigan to Chicago last summer. It has a great deal of resonance, and I hope you'll take a moment to check it out. You can see the post here. Be sure to peruse the rest of her blog for fresh recipes, "what i wore" sessions, and amazing thrifted goods! Seriously - girl's got style.

More cool news ... Ryan and I have been talking, talking, talking about visiting Pittsburgh and we're planning a trip for the summer - to those friends who live out there and haven't heard from us, don't fret! We haven't finalized anything!  We've been toying with the idea of taking a lengthier East Coast/New England trip. For whatever reason, having seafood chowder in Boston is a must (we have a lot in common, my man and I). We have to find a new apartment and move in July, so we're thinking August or September and we're thinking road trip. Anyone out there have recommendations? What do we need to see/eat/visit? It has been so very long since we took a real vacation. Now that we've got big boy and big girl jobs - we're going for it.

On a final note ... each year, when Ryan comes home with a six-pack of Oberon (as he did this very evening) ... I am aware that spring is upon us.

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  1. The one six pack of Oberon I buy every year is mainly just to remind myself that Spring IS a season, it really does exist and it will eventually show up... maybe...

    And yes, there will be chowder. And it will be good.

  2. Mallory - were you (and Ryan) able to find Oberon in Chicago? If so, do share where!

  3. Your photos are amazing as always, Mal.
    I love the bricks with the sycamore seeds!

  4. Yep! He purchased it at Foodsmart in Logan Square. Also, last summer we saw Oberon at a number of bars.


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