slow morning.

March 08, 2011

I’d considered sharing all of my paper flower photos with you at once. But I reconsidered and decided I’d prefer to reveal them bits at a time. I sure have been having fun shooting in our kitchen! And I sure do love, love, love that checkered table cloth.

I’m feeling positive. It was nice spending this past weekend holed up being crafty. Work is so social, and while I love that I am helping and collaborating with other spirited, talented people, I thrive on those days when I can just be alone with my camera, or a pair of scissors and some paper I couldn’t really afford.

Today, I’ve got a late start to the workday. It’s nice to sit in the living room with my cup of coffee enjoying the morning sunshine. Rarely do I get to do this during the week. I might even work out!

How is your March going so far, friends?

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