January 23, 2011

making me happy:

+ the photos above - a few from a lone photo walk this weekend, and a few i’ve been saving.

+ the talking heads mix ryan made for me.

+ wonderful friends who help out in a pinch (ahem).

+ impeccably timed, spontaneous snowfall.

+ winter morning light.

+ being able to laugh about annoying things (example: on the night i decide to do three loads of laundry in our building, the washers short out, leaving my clothing/towels/sheets in three ice cold, soapy pools. no maintenance guy. no landlord. just me and ryan wringing out sopping linens, slamming, cursing, and vowing to move - soon!)

+ my - very short - new haircut, styled by mallory at twisted scissors. they’ve got that urban, classy biker chick vibe going on. highly recommended (and, in my opinion, WAY better than barbara & barbara on logan blvd).

+ scheming/plotting - salsa dancing lessons; bacon fest(?); live jazz; craft show(s?). the city is my oyster.

+ parks & rec. love it.

+ listening when my supervisor tells me to turn my work phone off! (and getting to keep it off until february!)

all of which adds up to...taking care of me.

lovelies, what is making you happy lately?

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