lula cafe.

January 20, 2011

On Sunday, I sat down to write this post. I was going to revel in the wonder that is this beloved lil’ restaurant in our hood. On Monday, I was in an auto collision (an F150 reared ended my little Saturn sedan). I am okay, thankfully, though I’ve spent the entire week waiting to hear if the other driver made contact with his insurance company. He has, and sadly, I think I may have to say goodbye to my car, which I’ve had for ten years and which has been a reliable old guss. Needless to say, I’ve got things on my mind.

However, I need to tell you about Lula Cafe in Logan Square: a Chicago gem, well liked by many, nearly always packed, located in a high traffic, quite happening part of the neighborhood.

First let me describe two amazing meals we had here recently:

+ Winter vegetable and duck hash with garlic aioli, drop biscuit, sunny side egg, and black radish (pictured above). Comments: 1. the duck was amazing. 2. could have used more duck. 3. a properly prepared sunny side egg is a beautiful thing.

+Red kuri squash with caramelized fennel, marcona almond brittle, sage, and quince-black truffle bread pudding. Comments: 1. that bread pudding absolutely rocked my world, and i obsessed about it for days.

Both of these meals were during brunch. I’m quite certain we have a brunch problem (see my last post).

Some things I love about this place:

+ wall art made of buttons.

+ cute breezeway/lounge where you can stand, sip, and chat while you wait.

+local art.

+ $28 monday night farm dinner (i’ll let you know how it is).

+ entrees under 30 bones, if not half that.

+ servers in suspenders. okay, it’s a bit hip, but when you feel like being surrounded by pretty people dressed in vintage chic, this place won’t disappoint. the service holds up.

+ locally sourced, seasonal, organic food.

+ restorative cocktails.

+ great location, right in the square!

I adore this restaurant. And if you appreciate affordable, eclectic, seasonal American cuisine - you will too.

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