January 16, 2011

There is something about sunday brunch. About sitting by a sunny window. Drinking good coffee. Enjoying the transition from morning to midday. Eggs. Bacon. Specials. Today we had a casual meal at Kitch’n in Roscoe Village. Chilaquiles with avocado for me, the brunch special for my man: pancakes with crumbled bacon inside topped with candied bacon. I am told it was good.

On the way home, I stopped into Orange for a pound of orange roasted coffee. If you haven’t had this coffee, go for it. I am not a flavored coffee kind of gal, but I once had my brother ship two pounds of this stuff to our home in Michigan, I had such a hankering. It is Good (with a capital G, you’ll notice).

Food aside, I love the blur and the tones of these photos. I just don’t think one can beat classic 600 film. I support and adore The Impossible Project and I am so thankful that polaroid film is continuing to be made, but dammit, I love the discontinued 600 packs shot through my sx-70. Is there anything better?

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