2010 in review.

December 30, 2010

Well, dear readers, disappointed as I am for being so uninvolved with reverb10’s end of year project, I am choosing to give myself a break and recognize how overwhelming december 2010 has been. That being said, I’ve got the day off from work. Ryan and I shared a delightful meal at Lula Cafe, which currently tops my list of best restaurants in Logan Square, Chicago.

On this very last day of the year, I would like to reflect on the significant moments of 2010. In all honesty, this has been a trying year. Below are the highlights, for better or for worse.

- Rang in 2010 in Lincoln Square, Chicago at Dank Haus. Polka punk, cheap German beer, and balloons released from the ceiling. Not a shabby time.

  1. -Attended an overpriced, disappointing anti-racism seminar in a beautiful Michigan lakeside cabin.

  2. -Took clothing to the dry cleaners for the first time.

  3. -Arranged a training on the needs of LGBT survivors of domestic violence for my workplace.

  4. -Organized and hosted three Take Back the Night rallies in Southwest Michigan.

  5. -Discovered and read the entire archives of Brian Ferry’s The Blue Hour, which inspired me to become a blogger.

  6. -Started a blog and began taking photography seriously.

  7. -Took tons and tons of pictures of rural southwest Michigan.

  8. -Visited my dear friend Karen in Saginaw, Michigan and met her (at the time) future fiance.

  9. -Purchased and fell in love with my iPhone.

  10. -Started a Flickr account.

  11. -Was given a pentax k1000 camera from my generous and supportive fella.

  12. -Became obsessed with film photography.

  13. -Stood on the rail to see My Morning Jacket for the first time with my brother in Columbus, Ohio! I am pretty much in love with Jim James.

  14. -Purchased and fell in love with my polaroid sx-70 camera.

  15. -Accompanied Ryan on his very first ever plane trip.

  16. -Attended a lavish wedding in Vegas.

  17. -Climbed Red Rock Canyon.

  18. -Began to call myself an artist.

  19. -(Thanks to Ryan) Realized that I like Talking Heads.

  20. -Completed my MSW!

  21. -Despaired over Galarraga’s (almost) perfect game.

  22. -Drank beer and enjoyed one final trip to our secret beach in South Haven, Michigan.

  23. -Guest hosted WIDR World in the WIDR FM studio one last time.

  24. -Celebrated Ryan’s hiring as an Image Designer at Groupon.

  25. -Survived several painfully bad social work job interviews.

  26. -Said farewell to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where I lived for seven years, attended college, and became an adult.

  27. -Sold a ton of our belongings, packed up the rest, and moved to Chicago without a job or a lease.

  28. -Attended the Roscoe Village Burger Fest, a high point of the summer.

  29. -Survived a pretty scary bout of depression.

  30. -Moved into our own apartment in Logan Square.

  31. -Attended our first Tiger’s away game at US Cellular Field.

  32. -Discovered HUM, the most incredible liquor I have ever tasted.

  33. -Worked at a pet services and grooming shop.

  34. -Participated in Susannah Conway’s August Break.

  35. -Celebrated my man’s 26 birthday!

  36. -Made meyer lemon curd for the first time, and it was amazing.

  37. -Spent a day with family pretending to be tourists in the Loop. Marveled at the coolness of Cloud Gate.

  38. -Accepted a position as a therapeutic case manager serving teen girls and young women.

  39. -Read a TON of blogs.

  40. -Attended an intimate post-proposal engagement party. Such a special moment!

  41. -Took my first portrait for my 100 Strangers project. As I am a wimp, I have yet to take my second.

  42. -Met the most amazing little Maltese in Polish Village who my brother later christened “Chester.”

  43. -Attended a fabulous party at the Chicago Field Museum.

  44. -Spent time with my amazing family, both in Michigan and in our new city.

  45. -Celebrated my third anniversary with the man I love, which included a surprise dinner and tickets to Wicked!

  46. -Learned a new card game (Oh Hell).
That’s about all I can conjure at the moment. Look forward to much more frequent blog posts in the coming year. Tonight we are returning to the site of last year’s NYE for some cheap beer and dancing. I am hoping to participate in this project starting this afternoon as a way to kick off 2011 in an involved, productive manner! Other plans for this site? I am hoping to share more restaurant reviews and venue recommendations. I’ve struggled to find like-minded bloggers in the Chicago area, and I’d love to become more of a resource to those visiting or moving to the area. My first idea is to highlight Logan Square - the best places to eat, spend a weekend, etc. If you read my last post you are aware of my NYE resolutions. Got any you’d like to share here?

Wishing you all a rollicking, safe evening! 2011 is going to be a great year!

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